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Subject: B.Comm @ McGill or JMSB - Screwed
Here´s the story.

I have one more year left at JMSB for my B.Comm major Economics and I had applied for a transfer to McGill blindly thinking that McGill was better than Concordia for business. Now after researching, I still haven´t found any reliable evidence that it is better aside from people?s opinions. Never the less, as a result of people´s opinions I want to remain at JMSB simply because it is more popular and having a business degree from JMSB will put people?s biases in my favor when I want to use the degree.

The second reason why I applied for a transfer to McGill was because I want to do a B.sci after I graduate with my B.comm Maj. Economics. I thought it would be easier if I could just get in through B.comm and then after graduating transfer into B.sci.

Is it really easier that way? If McGill accepts me for B.comm major Economics and I turn them down, will it impede my chances of getting into B.sci after I graduate from JMSB? I´m confused and probably should talk to an advisor at McGill and Concordia, but I also want your opinions because they are just as valuable.

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Yep, you do seem pretty confused. Perhaps you should take a year or two off to get some work experience, maybe some travel, before you consider going back to school. Some time and distance from these issues might give you a different perspective on things, don´t you think? Good luck.
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nonono. Time off is the last thing I want. I WANT to finish my B.comm at Concordia and then get a B.sci at McGill but I am afraid that if I choose to reject McGill´s acceptance for my transfer from JMSB, they will not accept me when i apply to B.sci next year after I graduate from JMSB.
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wow, that sounds exactly like me. I am doing a B.COMm at JMSB and want to do a Bachelor of science when I finish my B.comm (Maybe at Mcgill because they are better in science...)

You really think they will reject you because you did not transfer to Mcgill in your last year?

I doubt that. I would really be suprised that they would do that.

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Omg, Molson school of Business in concordia is such a bad school. The profs suck and the students are very unmotivated and unprofessional. I transferred out of Concordia to go to UofT because I hated it so much.

DO NOT GO TO CONCORDIA.....you will regret it. If you want to stay in Montreal, go to McGill as it is much better in many aspects than to Concordia College.

Consider this a WARNING>

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can you tell me why you think the faculty isnt good?

What was your major?

I understand why you think the students are unmotivated...I will agree on that one, but I would not say that everyone is like that. For the most part, those who are unmotivated are flushed out of the program because of their marks.

How many years did you stay at JMSB before leaving?
Why do you like the program at Rotman?

I cannot transfer anywhere else, even if I have excellent marks and strong mathematical ability. The reason is that I am too far in my program and it would be too much of a bitch to transfer. I also dont want to move out of Montreal and I am not too keen in transfering to Mcgill, especially considering I am in the extended credit program (120 credits at Mcgill is a pain in the ass!!) There is an honours program in finance at JMSB that is quite interesting as well. I think the curriculum at JMSB (the core courses) need to be revised and some teachers need to get sacked. Anyhow, I would not go as far as saying that JMSB is BAD BAD BAD. YOu are pushing it.

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Concordia College? You must have had your head up your ass while you were at Concordia. No wonder you had to go to UofT (and I emphasise "had"). And as for McGill being better than JMSB, the fact that the former constantly gets shafted by the latter at Commerce Games says it all. McGill is so yesterday, sweetie, get with it!
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Okay so my decision is: It´s too much of a bitch to transfer to McGill in my last year of B.comm major Economics @ JMSB. I will start a new degree (B.sci) in a new school (McGill) next year. Thanks for the input, people!
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Thats a good decision.

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CONCORDIA HIGH SCHOOL. It is a very high-school feel...kind like the Ryerson College of Toronto.

Do not go to Concordia. All they have is a handful of happy students (or students with major complexes) on this forum trying to sell their school and make up fake scenarios that they are transferring out of McGill to go to Concordia and how their ´Molson Beer´ Business program is one of the best....at least better than McGill´s. Can you believe this stupidity.....it sounds like a high school Grade 10 student is writing this........then again, it can very well be a true example of a mind of a Concordia College student.

Please let McGill be. Please let UofT be. Please let York be. Please let Queens be. Please let Western be. Please let Waterloo be. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP WITH THE CONCORDIA MESSAGES>>>>>NOBODY CARES ANYMORE>>>>>SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!

So please, do all of Canada a favour and STUDY....spend your time wisely cause god knows you need the head start.

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.... does not exist.

Only three will suffice!


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concordia community college is really no place for any high school student who has an 80 percent or over. You cann all do much better if you are thinking about goin there.

The majority of kids that go there have 60-73 average...pretty much the basement dweller crowd of academics. But hey, its three buildings are located in downtown montreal so you can walk to parties and restaurants after class. I dont think they have residences at the communityt campus though. Try finding some other students at the commuter campus to live with.


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