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Subject: McGill = Playboy's Party School
McGill students pose nude for Playboy feature naming uni a top party school Thu Apr 06, 02:27 PM EST

MONTREAL (CP) - Playboy magazine has named McGill one of the top schools in North America to party and is featuring photos of four nude students from the university in its latest issue.

The photo spread hits newsstands Friday, much to the chagrin of university officials who have been trying to distance themselves from McGill´s growing reputation south of the border as a haven for party animals.

"McGill is a university known around the world for a lot of things, mostly for the quality of our students and our professors and the successes of our research and teaching," Jennifer Robinson, associate vice-principal of communications, said Thursday.

McGill was the only Canadian institution on Playboy´s list, which was topped by the University of Wisconsin and the University of California in Santa Barbara.

"If we have a reputation as a party school, it´s because the media is giving us one," Robinson said, adding the school´s venerable reputation is the reason it´s being targeted by Playboy.

McGill tied the University of Toronto as the country´s premier doctoral university in Maclean´s magazine´s annual university rankings last fall.

Playboy officials say the list is just fun, with no reflection on a school´s academic merits.

"We feel that the students at each of the universities on our Top Ten Party Schools list have the opportunity to receive an excellent education while enjoying an active social life," Christopher Napolitano, editorial director, said in a statement.

Criteria for the list include the ratio of women to men, the local club scene and the general vibrancy of campus life.

Quebec is one of the few jurisdictions in North America where the legal drinking age is 18, compared with 21 in the United States.

Montreal is also known for its abundant night life and its liberal attitude. The city has made international headlines in recent years with two local swingers clubs successfully challenging criminal charges.

Adam Conter, president of the McGill Students´ Society, said McGill doesn´t have more partying than any other university.

The Playboy list doesn´t bother Conter.

"The administration wants us to be seen only as a strong academic, research-inclined institution and obviously being in Playboy, or knowing that people may party here, is not something they´re willing to advertise," he said.

"The average student... would probably see this as not newsworthy."

McGill has had its share of controversy lately.

Last fall university officials cancelled the last two games of the McGill Redmen football season following allegations from an 18-year-old team rookie that he was sexually assaulted with a broomstick during a hazing ritual.

A university investigation found no evidence players were sodomized but confirmed that degrading and inappropriate hazing took place.

Earlier this year the university launched an investigation after a Montreal tabloid newspaper featured four pages of lewd photos apparently taken at a party on campus. The investigation found no wrongdoing involved


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