Engineering avergaes for UW and UWO(Urgent))

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Subject: Engineering avergaes for UW and UWO(Urgent))
hey, i have an 83% midterm avergae.
What are my chances of getting into UW and UWO?
can you please give ranking of canadian engineering universities in USA?

I have heard that engineering is not so good at UWO but i am planning ofr biomedical engineering which involves research in engineering as well as medical fields and also UWO has good medical department???
On other hand Uwaterloo has good engineering but does not have good medical department???
Please advise and rank the choices:
UWO,UW and Queens
Pl. be serious!!!!Honestly

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in good engineering universities, almost everybody has a 90 average and high 80s. a low 80s means that you´re at the bottom percentile of the population. good luck, because you´re going to need it.

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