Does Carleton have a good business program

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Subject: Does Carleton have a good business program
I am interested in International Business. I heard lots from York. But is Carleton and UofT good for undergrad for business?
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Here is a tip, do not go into international business.

I do not think that you should do a bachelor of commerce or administration. these programs are not very good.

If you are keen on working in this field, and you want to find a good program perhaps you should have a look at the curriculums of these programs. For instance, go to the carleton web page and have a look at the courses you will have to take and compare those courses to those of other programs. That is the first step (a very important one). After you have done that, you should try to get some expert advice on what you really need to be successful and attain yoru carear objectives. If you want to work in international business you need to be fluent in many languages and you need to excel in cross-cultural communication and marketing and you need to be able to forecast exchange rates and political unrest and risk.

Does the program at Carleton help you achieve such expertise?

Have a look, and compare with University of Toronto, John Molson, WEstern, Mcgill, UBC, Ottawa, Schulich, etc.


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