Fine Art Programs aaaand SASKATCHEWAN! (woo!)

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Subject: Fine Art Programs aaaand SASKATCHEWAN! (woo!)
So. . .I was just wondering, any idea where the best place to go for the fine arts would be in Canada? Right now I´m looking mainly into drama, but I´m really not sure what I´m doing as of yet.

I live in Saskatchewan and have only applied to the U of S and the U of Regina, and have received a 1000 dollar scholarship to the U of S and a 2000 dollar scholarship to the U of R. I live near Saskatoon, so it would be possible for me to commute to the U of S, although I would be paying gas money and still living at home. (I´m in my last year of high school.) I´m open to switching to other universities in my second year, however, for my first one I´m probably gonna be staying here in Saskatchewan. Any recommendations or knowledge as far as program comparisons go? I know U of R has journalism and education . . .but I´m not really interested in that.

you sure like to blog alot sekhet666 (in reply to: Fine Art Programs aaaand SASKATCHEWAN! (woo!))
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