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Subject: Concordia, GO AWAY!!!!!!!!
CONCORDIA HIGH SCHOOL. It is a very high-school feel...kind like the Ryerson College of Toronto.

Do not go to Concordia. All they have is a handful of happy students (or students with major complexes) on this forum trying to sell their school and make up fake scenarios that they are transferring out of McGill to go to Concordia and how their ´Molson Beer´ Business program is one of the least better than McGill´s. Can you believe this sounds like a high school Grade 10 student is writing this........then again, it can very well be a true example of a mind of a Concordia College student.

Please let McGill be. Please let UofT be. Please let York be. Please let Queens be. Please let Western be. Please let Waterloo be. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP WITH THE CONCORDIA MESSAGES>>>>>NOBODY CARES ANYMORE>>>>>SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!

So please, do all of Canada a favour and STUDY....spend your time wisely cause god knows you need the head start.

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For commerce, we are better than Mcgill! You are the stupid idiot. Its blatant ignorance on your part. Too bad. It just so happens that I am at concordia now and I am pretty sure I could transfer to any school in the country, but I will not.

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I have nothing against jewish people...

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Concordia students are so stupid, they finish last at the Commerce games every year...They get beat so bad by mcgill!!
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If you think that by trashing one university you make your university look better you are sadly mistaken. I happen to know quite a few extremely smart students at Concordia who are doing well in their particular fields, anthropology, for one, and who are getting way more personal attention from Concordia than they would at McGill. When you post rude comments about Concordia it just reinforces the reputation that McGill already has as a snobby school filled with stuck up students.
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Well said. The only thing achieved by snide comments by mcgill-ites is the impression of a once-grand but now fading school served by bitter individuals desperate to convince themselves that they still matter. Say what you will if it makes you feel better about yourselves; however, the sad and irrefutable truth is that you´re just another university out there, ie. nothing special. Get used to it!!
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And by the way, the business school wins academic gold at the commerce games every year.

Round up the top commerce students at Concordia and pit them up against students at Mcgill, Queens, york, UBC, etc. and I can assure you that we will win.

In summary, your comment that Concordia is a place for dumbasses is clearly unsubstantiated propaganda that is continuousy being fed by angry, frustated, pumpous Mcgilligans.

Another interesting fact is that the average "cote R" (a ranking system used by Quebec Cegeps) for the co-operative students at Concordia is 29.6, and the admission requirement to get into Mcgill is a 26. (The higher the cote-R the better...)

Makes me wonder, why are they going to Concordia when they could have gone to Mcgill? I thought Mcgill was better? I thought Mcgill was the ´harvard of canada´??

You also say that you are sick of concordia students selling their school. We are not selling our school, we are defending it from blatant attacks on its reputation. Such defamation is uncalled for.

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That´s telling the ignorant twat where to get off. Well done! I know quite a few people who HAD to go McGill because they couldn´t get into Concordia commerce. So you bitter McGill students who wallow in ignorance and envy: go take a hike. You hardly matter any longer.
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It seems that all Concordia can argue is for its very low ranked business school.

Please nobody needs to know who could have gone to McGill but went to your school for some miracle reason.

We all know the truth and see right through stupidity.

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The business school is consistently ranked in the top ten in the country and in some rankings in the top 5.

It is also ranked fifth for student quality in Canada.

Look it up, I am not inventing this...

Mcgill is not that hard to get into when you came from Cegep...

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i am concordia, but i think the truth is mc gill is better atleast for its name, the world knows mcgill, even canada has problems recognizing concordia. As far as edu is concern i know some in my class they didnt even applied for grad school in mcgill though they did their undergrad from mcgill saying "mc gill is stupid"

i dont know why they say that but i think they say mcgill has just theory no practical

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I have met many people, some extremely intelligent and others not so much, from both McGill and Concrodia. It seems so surprising that supposedly clever students are arguing about the superiority of their respective universities on a web forum.

Regardless, the quality of a program at a given university is determined by the present teaching staff, the quality of the students, and the funding. As such, the quality fluctuates every few years, if not from year to year. Moreover, there could be one fantastic teacher who makes it worthwhile attending university A and not university B even though university B has a better overall teaching staff.

Essentially, the "best" university is something to be determined based on individual preferences, not political agendas.

- Andrew (McGill...but does it really matter?)


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