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Subject: Ryerson or York?
I recently was accepted into the BAS program at York and the BComm program at Ryerson. I intend on majoring in Management or Accounting. Which should I choose?
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Stay away from B.comm!!

(I am a B.comm student, do not do a B.comm)

B.comm = big waste of time

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What´s wrong with B.Comm?
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The problem with B.comm is that you will lack specialization. Look, if you are doing accounting, perhaps a B.COMM is okay, but if you are doing a finance, marketing, operations research or other major, a B.COMM will put you at a disadvantage.

At the end of your studies, you will soon realise that you have NO FORECASTING ABILITY, WHATSOEVER.

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My question still hasn´t been answered, Ryerson or York? I´ve been getting a lot of info that Ryerson is known as "Rye High" and the like. But what about the security issues at York? When I´m out in the "real world", will it be better to be a Ryerson or York grad?
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Ryerson is better for the real world.
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York has a great campus life and a sprawling campus (the largest in Canada geographically). York is much harder than Ryerson so it may be better to go to Ryerson cause your chance at getting a 4.0GPA is much easier.
The profs at Ryerson suck though and it is largely a comuter atmosphere at Ryerson with the hussling and bussling of yonge street and the fact that there are more part-time students than full time students at Ryerson.

Ryerson´s Bcomm Program cannot be thought of in a comparison to York´s top rated Schulich Program (BBA, iBBA). But for BAS at Atkinson at York may be a more equal program but again, York is way stronger.

Basically in Toronto, Ryerson is a joke unless you are doing journalism. Go to York for sure. More international students, more out of province students, more money, more respect, more campus life, better campus feel and environment and better rated.

Also, RyeHigh is know for its gang violence with two deaths near campus at Ryerson within the last month.
York is also in a bad area but at least the campus is so self-efficient and has everything to do on campus that students do not need to leave unless they go to party downtown or whatever.

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Even thou I don?t go to Ryerson U,I can understand how Ryerson will better prepare you in the real world.
As mentioned from the previous post, yes Ryerson does have quite a lot of part-time students. People coming from different backgrounds (ie.lawyer, waiter ,manager ,people can´t financially study full-time, etc). This is not necessary a bad thing, this will place you in a more diverse learning environment ( just like the real world). Even thou there is a lot of crimes around the campus but is like this everywhere in downtown, you have to get use to it eventually if you plan to work here. University of Toronto is also located in central downtown and having the same problems but they do more security guards patrolling their campus.
Studying in an isolated campus have it?s pros and cons. It might be nice to have quiet environment and hanging out with all your classmate buddies everyday but sometime I feel like I´m living in a box.
In the end, if you don?t want an environment shock after graduation then go to Ryerson. If you like the campus life (studying with your buddies at the school library, partying together at the school´s pub, watching the school´s football game, etc) then go to York U. Of course, doing the Schulich programs (one of the best in Canada) at York is a totally different story . but if you are doing the BAS and want to get prepare for the real world, then I suggest you to go to Ryerson.

Sharon Wolfgang
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When are you trying to compare Universities, why dont you look a the curriculums of both programs?

Have a look at the courses you have to take, and what the program structure is like. if you think the classes look a little redundant, than choose something else.



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