Best English Program? - Please help!

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Subject: Best English Program? - Please help!
I got accepted into:
UofT (Mississauga campus - is the quality of all the UofT campuses relatively the same?)
University of Ottawa
(I applied for English)

Which school has the best English program? I am also planning on minoring in French and I think that Ottawa would be the most practical school for this since it is more immersed in French culture (at least... the most compared to the other 3). However, I read Macleans and I noticed that Ottawa ranked very low. Which school do you recommend? Please share your opinions - I´m desperate! haha thank you!

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go to Wazzuppppppp uNIVERSITY
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Ignore the stoned ramblings of the above cretin. There may be variations among the various departments (size, emphasis etc) but qualitatively they´re all fine universities. Try to visit a couple of these colleges and go where you feel happiest. Good luck and enjoy your studies.

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