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Subject: Lakehead U Engineering Student Wins First Place at
Lakehead U Engineering Student Wins First Place at National Competition

(Thunder Bay ? April 5, 2006) Graham Shrive picked up a first-place standing at the Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC) held in Montreal from March 9 to 12.

Shrive entered the Engineering Communications category, in which he had already won a first place during the qualifying Ontario Engineering Competition in February. This category requires students to develop and present a viewpoint on the social, economic, and environmental impacts of any current technological issue. The students must make their presentation in language that the general public would understand by simplifying Engineering terms, technical processes, and issues. Shrive?s presentation was entitled ?MicroCHP Applications of Modern Stirling Engines,? which focuses on the social, environmental, and economic implications of a distributed energy model with particular emphasis on the applications of the Stirling engine for household power and heat production.

?Our society is in the midst of an energy crisis. The sustainability of current consumption, production, and distribution models has been severely challenged in recent years. Any solution must be environmentally, economically, and technologically feasible,? he says.

There are six competitions in the CEC, focusing on Engineering Communications, Innovative Design, Consulting Engineering, Junior Team Design, Senior Team Design, and Extemporaneous Debate.

?I chose to compete in this category because it appeals to my strongest suit ? communications,? Shrives says. ?In addition to the personal satisfaction derived from improving my own communication skills, I also sought to gain positive exposure for Engineers in the public eye. Unfortunately the general public often labours under the impression that Engineering is neither accessible nor comprehensible. This competition addresses that gap by introducing the public to complex ideas and concepts in language they can understand and relate to.?

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Yeah, this is another indication of HOW GOOD WE ARE!

And these are also indication to the fact that MacLeans is shit! They just force the public to believe their prejudiced ideas. This is clear from the fact that Guardian ranks us 3rd while MacLeans does not put us in top 10.


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