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Subject: Ryerson Engineering?
Is Electrical Engineering at Ryerson alrite? Is it harder for Ryerson grads to find jobs compared to other grads because they are a young univeristy?
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i thought rye-high was a college o_0
Ryerson engineering (in reply to: Ryerson Engineering?)
ryerson is great for electrical engineering!! im currently doing computer engineering n have the same courses as elecs do for the first 2 yrs, then it gets sligthly diff...but we basically hv the same profs n stuff...we recently got a rband new elec n comp engg bldg..just for our programs! (well aeros n civil i think use part of the basement :P) the profs r dedicated n willing to help u in neway they can..even in gettin jobs n such! its tuohg for all engg grads to get jobs doesnt matter wht uni ur from..its touhg out there cos there r sooo many grads n not enugh jobs for all of them..its tough but not jus for ryerson ppl...n btw Ryerson is a full fledged university...not a school or nethin.

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