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Subject: McGill vs. McMaster
Where should I go for undergrad poli sci/ social sci? Taking into consideration the fact that McGill is much farther from where I will and will cost me 2x as much... is it worth it? Or is McMaster good enough? I hear the nightlife sucks.
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Go to Mcgill...

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You can say that again! I spent a year at McGill doing Politican Science/Economics and it was a joke. If you´re into waiting days or weeks just to see a prof. go there. Otherwise, go elsewhere. I´m now at Concordia´s School of Community and Public Affairs and I love it!
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Dude, you answered your own post...That is really pathetic!

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anon, why did you just post under a different name to agree with your self, if you dont mind my asking
York Dean
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although popular though might lead you to lean towards McGill, the reality is that McMaster is an up an dcomming school. Many predict MAC to be the number one ranked school in the nation shortly. The reality is that McGill is a great school , but their reputation is fading, especially wiht the "broom incident". McMaster is widely regarded as top of the line
Dave Johnsen
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Dave, where did you get that prediction, and why?

I´m curious about the sources.


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