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Subject: ATTN: Lakehead Graduates
It has come to our attention that McDonalds fast food restaurant is actively pursuing graduates of Lakehead university to fill positions in both burger flipping, and washroom cleanup. We at Burger King would like to make an attractive counter offer. We are willing to provide you with TWO full combo meals per shift, as well as danger pay for people on bathroom cleanup. We at Burger King feel that you would serve yourself well if you were to choose our establishment to start your lucrative career in the service industry! We especially find Lakehead grads useful due to their prior knowledge of the BK Big Fish burger!

Yours in fast food excellence,
-Brian Newmark, Regional Manager

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OK i´ll go for that. Thanks for the offer knowing that´s about all i can do with my fishing degree...realllly feeling emotional now wanna shed tears of joyyy

sob sob

BA (double major) fisheries and marketing
LakeTail 05 graduate


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