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Subject: REAL Guardian Ranking
11 Canadian unis were ranked in top 500:

1. McGill (17th in the world)
2. UofT (29th th in the world)
3. Lakehead (133rd in the world)
4. UBC (144th in the world)
5. Western (238th in the world)
6. Waterloo (312nd in the world)
7. Queens (318th in the world)
8. Alberta (366th in the world)
9. Calgary (487th in the world)
10. MacMaster (494th in the world)
11. Concordia (494-513rd in the world)

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That was ranking that was made in error. Guardian corrected it and put Lakehead at 20th in Canada. The new rankind included a note from the editor apologizing for the previous mistake. LAKEHEAD IS OFFICIALLY RANKED 20th IN CANADA BY GUARDIAN!
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