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Subject: Are there any other boards like this?
Where people aren´t assholes and only think the university they go to is good?
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www (dot) u of t commerce is the best (dot) com
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Do not steal my joke you retarded university of Toronto commerce student.
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Just kidding...
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mcgill rules? Over here at Waterloo, your pretentious, deluded notions of being a top-rated college gets laughed at. For most engineering programs, we can give respect to HEC and Concordia, but mcgill? Get real. Shout all you want, mcgill people, if you feel the need to convince yourselves. But we all know the truth, don´t we? (ie. a has-been university getting worse by the year).
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apologies to UdeM engineering students: I meant Ecole Polytechnique (not HEC) :-)
Yes but I'd hate to see in invaded by the loons that abound in this place (in reply to: Are there any other boards like this?)
Try Googling- that´s how I found this place
a brilliant and fast way to make money... (in reply to: Are there any other boards like this?)
Right off the bat, if you are reading this out of a forum you better copy/paste this information into a notepad/word file, save and print so you could read this carefully, just incase the forum operators decide to delete this massage and too bad if they do because that would be everyones lost.
This doc is a little long, but worth these 10 minutes, this is actually a fast way to make money and enjoy it. Read it through ? this is pure genius.
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My initial instinct was that this is just one of those electronic scams, I was skeptical but like most of us, it also triggered my curiosity, so I kept on reading.
It stated that if I send $5 to each of the individuals which names and addresses are listed below, I would be able to make thousands of dollars in a short time.
In addition, I was required to add my name/address as the new number 6 on the list and remove the former number 1 on the list.
And then send this new message (containing my name) to at least 300 forums (you can find over a million of them on the net?which creates more options?. bigger markets?. there is no catch?it actually works).
Usually, I would ignore this kind of message, but the effort and attention behind this one grabbed me and the results have proved me that this one is different.
If this message will continue the way it suppose to , and if we could stop being suspicious for just a moment, I assure you , we will all benefit.
The question I asked myself before taking part in this experience, which has changed my life, was: Does it work?
The answer was yes!! It works!!! The person who was above me in the list wrote to me:
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Now send this mail to the following addresses:

1.Fire-Bird. #363 , 6832 king George hwy. Surrey. BC. V3W 4Z9.

2.Suzanne. #278 , 1857 west 4th avenue. Vancouver. BC V6J 1M4

3.Yuval Yeger. #194, 101 ? 1184 Denman Street. Vancouver. BC. V6G 2M9

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Step 2:
Remove the first name of the list(number 1), shift up all the rest of the names one place up and add your name/address as new number 6.

Step 3:
Use Netscape, msn, yahoo, google etc. search for different forums, groups, communities, clubs, chats, ads and similar. There are more than a million different forums of this kind in Canada alone. It?s really easy any web site, which has a forum, would do. English, of-course.

Step 4:
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Lets ask our selves ? why join??!!
Well , lets see , lets pretend that out of the 300 messages I have sent , 7 people reply(very low percentage!) , so I have already made $35 as number 6 on the list. Then lets say that each one of the 7 who sent me $5 sends a minimum of 300 messages around (with me as number 5 on the list)and only 7 people reply , that?s another $245 into my pocket. Now, those 49 people send the message around(with me as number 4 on the list) , each sends it to at least 300 more groups and only 7 people reply to each one of the senders, I make another $1715. Now, those 343 people send the message around(with me as number 3 on the list) , each sends it to at least 300 more groups and only 7 reply to each one of the senders, I make another $12,005. OK, now for the fun part , each one of the 2,401 people who has my name as number 2 on the list sends the message to at least 300 groups and receives only 7 replies. I make $84,035 yes!!! And for my last round in this game - each one of the 16,807 people sends the message(with me as number 1 on the list)to at least 300 groups, and still only 7 people reply, I am looking at another $588,245 , while investing only $30 + 6 stamps and a couple hours of my time.
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-You might want to open a mailbox as the amount of mail that you are going to receive is going to increase dramatically.
-If you rather stay anonymous just use a nickname as long as the mailman still delivers the letters to you under that name.
-If there is somebody on the list that you know, do not hesitate; send him/her the $5 as they are a part of this great idea as well.
-You might have seen a similar message before, just because it works.
-And most important!! , Please do not cheat! Follow the steps and the money will be already on its way to your mailbox.

are you willing to take the responsibility and throw a simple, brilliant opportunity like this just because of $30+6 stamps? Well, I´m not. And I really hope that you would join me so that way we could all help each other.

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The idiots that this site attracts is truly breathtaking! Anyone who falls for this sort of crap needs to have his/her head read and probably deserves to be bilked by a scam such as this. There is no such thing as a free lunch, folks.
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