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Subject: Party School??
Ok, honestly. Is UWO the party school everyone makes it out to be? I´m not into parties. Yes, I like to have fun, but I also don´t like to be pressured. But right now, UWO´s medical sci program is beginning to look very good, compared to the other programs I´ve been accepted into. So what´s the deal? Should I choose McMaster over Western for life sci?
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u need to tell me if academics are a priority for you. UWO is a decent school and the students are usually very happy there but that is mainly due to the social scene in the town of London. That said, the academics have been suffering for years in most programs mainly general science and arts, but for professional programs like the one u r applying for i will say give it a shot.
Mac is good for some programs but has a horrible town and is largely a commuter campus.

go to western...if not, wat are your other options?

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Hey, i was thinking what are the top 10 party schools in Canada. USA has alot but Canada is a mixed bag.

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Hey, thanks for the reply. :) Yes ... academics are definitely the priority for me. Here are all the other universities I´m looking at: McMaster: Science 1 --> really general; Waterloo: life sciences; Guelph: Biological Sciences; Western: Biomedical Sciences.

I´ve been hearing that out of these, Western is the best. Right or wrong?

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I´m pretty much in the same situation as you. I want to go to Western for biomedical sciences as well, but I´m not sure about going to Mac, york or Guelph either. I want to actually study hard at university and don´t want to fall into the peer pressure of the social scene at Western... Maybe if I choose Western I´ll meet you, afterall, we would be in the same program :) Good Luck in your decision!
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2005 Party School Ranking

1. St. Francis Xavier
2. Dalhousie
3. UWO
4. Windsor
5. McGill
6. Queens
7. UBC
8. York
9. New Brunswick
10. St. Mary´s
11. Alberta
12. Acadia
13. Bishops
14. Guelph
15. Toronto

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To the 5th poster ... Hey! Glad to see I´m not the only one with the problem. Good luck on your decision ... it´d be great seeing you at Western, if we both choose to go there. :) Or Mac. Lol.

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