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Subject: Concordia
I have seen a few people make the point that Concordia University is the place where people with 65-72% averages in high school go to.


"Dr. Lowy continued his remarks by updating Senate on the status of student enrolments. Applications and registrations are up at Concordia. While other universities have seen a decline in their enrolments since 1995, Concordia has experienced a 37% increase in enrolments over that same period. The average GPA of incoming students has risen this year to 82.1%. "

It should also be noted that the average Cote R of co-op students at the John Molson school of business was 29.6 in 2002 and 29.4 in 2004:

(The higher the cote R the higher the average of incoming students from CEGEP...)

The admission requirement to get into Mcgill is 25 (cote R)for management:

As you can see, the student quality of Co-OP students at the john molson school of business is VERY STRONG.

No wonder they win business case competitions all over the World and in Canada.

Furthermore, I might add that the actuarial mathematics and actuarial matematics and finance programs are HIGHLY SELECTIVE. They only accept 50 students every year:

"As their names indicate, our programs differ from programs in Actuarial Science by their strong mathematical orientation. They were designed for students with a keen interest in Mathematics who wish to pursue a career as actuaries, or continue with their studies at the graduate level. While providing a thorough background in Mathematics, Probability & Statistics, our programs prepare students for the first four Associateship exams of the Society of Actuaries and the Casualty Actuarial Society. Admission is currently limited to about fifty new students per year and candidates are selected on the basis of overall academic achievement. "

If you want to get into journalism and communication studies at Concordia, you better be bright and talented:

"On average, at least three times as many people as can be admitted apply to our programs in any given year. This means that roughly the top one-third of all applicants will be admitted. It also means that there are no set admission standards, though the students accepted into the department tend to have academic averages above 80 per cent (GPAs above 3.3). In order to make a fair selection, all students are evaluated on their academic record, language skills, and motivation."

I should mention that the average GMAT and average GPA of MBA students at this school is consistently in the top 5 in the country:

"JMSB retains fifth-place ranking
The John Molson School of Business ranked fifth in the March 2005 edition of the National Post Business Magazine.

The survey is based on the average GMAT score of entering MBA students in 36 Canadian MBA programs.

JMSB ?s score of 646 was tied with McGill.

Queen?s ranked first with 675, Schulich ranked second with 663 and DeGroote and Ivey tied for third with a score of 650."

All I ask you people (especially Mcgill students) is to stop lying.

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It really isnt that hard to get into Mcgill when you are applying from CEGEP (Quebec). The reason why Ontario students find it so hard to get in to this school is because Mcgill realises that the Ontario high school curriculum is easy and there is substanial grade inflation in this province. Even if the student is not bright, he can work hard and get at least 90%. In Quebec, however, you need to take calculus 2,3 and linear algebra. At this level, we can discriminate between the smart and hard working and just the hard working.

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Ontario students come to Quebec thinking they are all hot shot students with their 95% in maths. Then they have to take some more advanced courses to enter their programs and they get 60%-70%.

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concordia is for all dumb ppl. Nuff said.
I vote for no more talk of concordia college
please leave us alone anon

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What is with concordia college? How can Concordia be compared to a college?

You people are retarded. Concordia attracts alot of bright people, especially in some prestigious programs. Did you people read the initial post?

Concordia's Business School (in reply to: Concordia)
With a $100 Million 18 Storey building to be erected as Concordia´s new business school home in 2007, I doubt many Canadian business schools can compare. With the Molson name stamped on Concordia´s business school, Concordia is certainly a world-class business school, backed by a multi-billion dollar corporation.

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