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Subject: Concordia Boycotts Maclean's
I know Concordia is underrated in Maclean´s, but was it a good decision to boycott the Maclean´s rankings?

U de Montreal has done the same this year.

Now, 3/4 of the Montreal universities have stop participating in the Maclean´s rankings.

Should more schools follow U de M and Concordia´s lead?

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Any academic worth his salt will tell you the rankings can be misleading. The survey pretends to be objective but is actually strongly biased to favor only a few selected categories among the many categories that make up the ranking scheme. One such category involves a reputation poll to which some 84% of those polled failed to respond. Of those who did respond, the vast majority were senior university admisintrators that probably didn´t want to upset the apple cart. The poll is also sent to some corporate CEOs and guidance councellors. Now, what does a high school councillor or a CEO in Victoria BC know about the latest developments at Brock or Nippising anyway? Yet, she is asked to rate them.

If different weights were to be assigned to each of the categories that make up the overall ranking scheme, the final results can often be very different. I´ve even tried this exercise myself using a computer spreadsheet program. It was interesting to observe how sensitive the rankings can be with only slight changes to the weights assigned to each category. It was not unusual to see a university´s overall rank move several places (up or down) when *arbitrary* adjustments were made to the category weights. This leads me to believe that MacLean´s ranking is quite arbitrary and may not reflect the quality of the education students would receive.

Unfortunately too many parents and students would be duped into believing the rankings are valid when indeed they are very subjective. I´m not surprised Concordia and most Quebec schools choose to opt out of the survey. With nearly a quarter of Canadian universities not reflected in the ranking, MacLean´s should also published it with a disclaimer and warning. The rankngs are arbitrary and may not reflect true quality. Buyer beware!

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Concordia is not the only one. It now appears some schools that didn´t do so well in the last MacLean´s students´ satisfaction survey are also talking boycott.

See article here:

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I totally support Concordia!!! I am a student in the US,and I will be coming to McGill for grad school. So I have no relationship with Concordia.

However, I DO believe, objectively, that Concordia is extremely underrated. Well, I know that there are sooooo many leading professors in my area who are from Concordia. It is like almost equal to McGill. So, then, why does it rank so low in comparison to McGill? I just can´t understand. In my opinion, it should be ranked in top 5 or 6 at least.

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You must be from a TTT
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Yeahhh... I guess Concordia´s is underrated in EVERY ranking since it´s never in the top 5 or 6
Concordia (John Molson) is a Top 5 B-school (in reply to: Concordia Boycotts Maclean's)
JMSB students shine in 2005-06 competitions.

John Molson Competition Committee held its End-of-Year Banquet in celebration of another excellent year of success for JMSB competition teams.

In total 35 teams have been coached and sent out this year. "Our undergraduate students have gone out to competitions across Canada, the US and internationally and proved that the JMSB is a winning school," says Mark Haber, Director of the UG Competition Program.

The year started with a first ever win at the International Business Challenge, University of Texas in October. Our teams performed brilliantly at the Commerce Games, hosted by the University of Laval in Quebec City, where we won overall bronze and academic gold for the 6th time. At the end of March we won gold at Happening Marketing making three overall golds out of four.

Two teams were sent out to the Inter-Collegiate Business Competition (ICBC) at Queen??s both of whom made the finals. There was also the Jeux de Commerce West in Vancouver where our students brought home bronze in Strategy and Accounting.

In February we competed at USC Marshall for the first time. We made the Finals but were beaten out by Austin, Indiana and Calgary. Dean Jerry Tomberlin said "Congratulations on such a great showing among such tough competition. You all continue to make us so proud," as the students returned from California.

The other competitions we attended and showed a great performance were:

Network of International Business Schools (NIBS) Competition in Oslo, Norway - 4th

Royal Roads International Business Case Competition in Victoria, British Columbia ?C 4th

Business Ethics Competition at Dalhousie - 4th

HR Symposium at UQAM - silver in Collective Bargaining, and bronze in Grievance Arbitration.

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Anyone choosing a university based on Maclean´s rankings is stupid. It would be great if the Fraser Institute, a non-profit organization , start ranking Canada´s universities.
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An excellent site on linguistics:

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