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Subject: York stupidity
York is so much better than mcgill for stats and math in undergrad and postgrad. McGill is strong for sciences, if you are not in any science/profesional programs, please do not make a fool of yourself.
York is not rated as stong as McGill overall but we are damn better in alot of areas.

Since when is statistics not a science? have you ever heard of probability theory?

LOL, mathematics and statistics is part of the sciences!!

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York is great. I am proud of my school and that is the bottom line.
Thankyou. Why do you waste your day just typing the stupid comments on universities? Are you even in a university? Do you even have a life. I found this website to do some research on a master?s program but all I found was a bunch of silly high school/university drop outs who are riddled with complexes about universities they 1)could not get into or 2)are jealous of.
Please stop this and get a life. There are other chats and sites that allow for people to meet. Try Lava Life or something. I am serious.

OH, and if anyone wants to insult my university..go ahead. Fellow Yorkies, when you see this stupidity and insults of cour school....let it be. We know who we are and what we are about. Don?t let this get to you.
I am so suprised to read this BS some ppl come up with-spreading insults and rumours to make our school look bad without providing any evidence or justification.

In closing, I am a York University student and I am damn proud of it. We have good academics, a great social life and an amazing campus and we are easy access to downtown Toronto. I do not care who is ranked better or who we are ranked better than, this is enough for me that made me want to go to York in the first place and that is all I (or anyone) should need to know.


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