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Subject: When for Visa?
Hi Guys,
I am from India. Applying for B.ASc for Fall ´06. Please let me know when should I apply for Visa to be there in september?

Awaiting replies


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Hey rahim,
Are you applying through an agent or just by yourself(because on India generally students apply through an agent)??
BTW, which universities did you apply to here and what state Board are you studying in(I was frm Gujarat stateboard)???

As far as your visa concern goes, you shouls start you procedure before 2 0r 3 months before the start of you term just to be sure...Generally Canadain students visa is easily obtained unlike USA and you shudnt face any trouble in the process...
Good luck
If u have an other questions,, mail me at:parthc007@yahoo.com

When for Visa? (in reply to: When for Visa?)
Hi Parth,
I am from Andhra Pradesh. I have got admits from McMaster and Carleton. I was waiting for Waterloo cos they said I have a good chance of entering but the committee is the soul body tht decides. I was ready with my documents. I mainly wanted to drop in myself but then somebudy suggested me CEC ( Canadian Education Center). I have got 93 % in Sciences in 12th grade and i hold a good financial background. Please comment on this.


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Hi rahim,
Firstly Congrats on you acheivement of 93%.
As far as my intuition goes,Waterloo will accept you for almost all the programs you have applied for.The hardest one to get into waterloo is Engineering.. and you have a good chance(Though they have very less spaces for International students, you have a good chance))

As far as your visa goes,
U should be fine with the embassy, and You need about around 20 lac rupees to be shown(I aint sure abt that But´tis jus my guess).And you will get your visa easily.
You can start the main visa process after you accpt your offer from any of the universities(As far as i knw,they send out offer packages and visa intsructions when you accpet their offer)SO you just follow the university package.

In reputation,
Waterloo is the best for Engg. and Mcmaster is ann overall good school.

I m into Queens and Mcmaster, and waiting for Waterloo...they send offers in late may..
Good luck


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