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The Psychology Department at U of T is the oldest in North America, having been established by J. Mark Baldwin, the noted developmental psychologist, in 1891. The focus of the entire department has always been research, for which it is highly regarded. Although there is no general clinical program, links to research hospitals and research institutes (e.g., the Addiction Research Foundation, the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry, the Institute of Child Study, and the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education) - as well as to other university departments - provide opportunities for students to engage in clinical and applied research. The faculty, about 60 regular faculty and 20 cross-appointed faculty, are internationally recognized for their research scholarship. Their areas of expertise cover all of the major areas of research in psychology.

At present, there are about 70 students in the graduate psychology program, with about 15-25 new students admitted annually. Our students are the very best, coming from premier undergraduate programs around the world. Once here, they join a close-knit group of researchers. When they leave, they are highly competitive on the job market, with recent graduates on faculty at Harvard, Yale, McGill, the University of British Columbia, and the University of Illinois, to name only a few. The department provides excellent research facilities. The entire department is linked to the university computer system by our own SGI computer, with numerous IBM-compatible and Macintosh microcomputers in departmental space and in individual labs. Well equipped labs in all major areas of psychology are readily available to students. There is a full-time shop for the construction of research apparatus from simple boxes to complex electronic devices. With established ties to hospitals in the city, access to patient populations is facilitated. In all, the Department of Psychology is a great place to do research.


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Faculty is made up grads from Yale, Harvard, UofT, McGill, Stanford, Illinois, Michigan, Oxford, etc.

And UofT grads go on to teach at some of those institutions.


Other great psych departments in Canada are McGill and Waterloo.


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