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Subject: McGill University
McGill is rated the highest in all areas of university education and student life.

I am in the school of social work at McGill and it is great. Stop the insulting please...we know we are better than every other university in Canada.

McGill is the BEST
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school of social work? wow, that must be hard to get into.

Sociology is the easiest program in University.

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i had an 81 average...wat u had buster>
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My average was 88% (I did calculus 2 and linear algebra 1) for pure maths and engineering students.

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mcgill is such a bad school...horiible falling down campus and not very safe at night to be in. McGill is holding on tight to its reputation from its sciences but ppl know they are no longer the best university in canada.

This is MY rankings........I am a UBC student and I can officially make a ranking based on my opinions.

TOP 30- They are official and I am basing this on academics, social life and campus, student body and their reputation amongst students and in the world.

1. UBC
2. Queens U
3. U of Toronto
4. McGill U
5. Acadia U
6. U Waterloo
7. U of Victoria
8. York U
9. U of Western
10. Guelph U
11. Ottawa U
12. Simon Fraser U
13. U of Alberta
14. Dalhousie U
15. U of Sherbrooke
16. Carleton U
17. Concordia U
18. St. FX U
19. U of New Brunswick
20. McMaster U
21. Mount Allison U
22. U of Calgary
23. U of Laval
24. Wilfrid Laurier U
25. Bishops U
26. Ryerson U
27. Brock U
28. Lakehead U
29. St. Mary´s U
30. U of Manitoba

Trevor Hosein
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Your rankings are a joke.

For instance, you forgot U De M. ACAdia??

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why thankyou....

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