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Subject: Help! unbiased opinion needed
as an international student, i want to study mathematics at a fairly cheap university( tuition fee wise). It seems like the only two options i have are university of manitoba or university of winnipeg. tuition fee range(6000-6500 canadian dollars) for international students. Now that is cheap. I have researches alot and found out that manitoba province has the cheapest rate of tuition fees for international students. All other provinces charge atleast 10000 canadian dollars for the same science degree. Top universities like mcgill and utoronto charge approx 15000 dollars for the maths degree i intend to do at university, which i cant afford atleast for the moment. However, i dont want to end in a really really crap university just because i cant afford the universities which demand higher tuition fee.
I have got unconditional offers from both university of manitoba and winnipeg for maths. I really dont know what to do. I am scared that i might end up in a university where every second person is rude and swears like hell.
If you know what i mean. is there anyone who can help me with this problem and give a solid and unbiased advice? Keep one thing in mind that i would like to transfer to mcgill or utoronto after speanding 1 or 2 years at one of the institutions i mentioned. Which one these two universities is seen in a better light by people at mcgill or utoronto?
and what about the areas in which these institutions are located?
fort garry and downtown winnipeg??
is downtown winnipeg comparable to dowtown newyork,london,toronto,montreal or is it just called downtown because its in the centre of winnipeg. thats it. I have seen the manitoba prospectus. the campus buildings look impressive and gives the impression of a serious academic institution ? would you agree with that??
and how long does it take to get to the downtown campus of manitoba from the fort garry one( if free shuttle bus service is used)???


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You ask too many questions.

1. Where are you from?

2. There´s a University of Winnipeg?

3. If you want to transfer to UofT or McGill later, I doubt it matters whether you are coming from Manitoba or Winnipeg. You just need a high cGPA.

4. In short, no, Winnipeg is nothing like New York, London (England), Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, etc. It´s a cheaper city (if that makes sense).

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Manitoba actually has a pretty good med school.
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You are correct about the fees being the lowest for international students ni Manitoba. The cost of living (housing, rents.. etc) in Winnipeg is also much lower than in other major Canadian cities. They have some very severe winters there. The city is also affectionely known as Winterpeg.

If you can, you should visit the campuses and talk to some people there before deciding.

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Winnipeg is one of the best unis in Canada. It is ranked in top 10 by the Canadian Journal of Academics!

Winnipeg is especially strong in science, and is known to be better than McGill and UofT in areas like chemistry, physics and biology.

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lol.. dont mislead the foreigner

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