75% cut -off average at UofT

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Subject: 75% cut -off average at UofT
And it is so called a prestigious univeristy??

UofT SG = Some bright students but with a lot of average students
UTSC = A lot of Asians
UTM = All 2nd class UofT students

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UofT accepts a lot of people, and most of them are in the arts and science faculty, many of them being average students (when compared to other university students). You´ll have a few smart kids here and there.

However, in the more competitive programs (eg. EngSci), the number of smarter students will increase.

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UofT is obligated to accept the qualified applicants as it has an agreement between the Government of Ontario and the University. A bachelor degree is a basic education nowadays. Except the professional schools like med or eng, UofT just admits average students from Ontario. Of course there are some smart kids in the life sciences programs in the Fauclty of Arts and Science (except UTM and UTSC).

Well, if you really want to have some very outstanding and smart students around you, Queen´s University is the only choice. The students there mostly from wealthy or middle class families with good and outsanding academic performance and extracurricular activities. That is why some graduates from Queen´s with a lousy and crappy degrees can work in the finance field in Toronto. And some of them have promoted to IB too.

In a global perspective, the rep of UofT is higher than Queen´s.

This is my opinion only and you may have a difference experience on that issue. I hope this information can help.

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^ Aside from the misinformation you preach, your post does not exactly make Queen´s look favourable.

Work on your strategy a little more.

Ohh..and for your information: Queen´s cannot compare to UofT, ever. McGill, yes. At least with McGill we can have a real debate. But Queen´s is mickey mouse.


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