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Subject: Jobs and Salaries
Some of you guys are forgetting that those in the sciences are actually interested in what they are studying, and not in it for the money. Don´t forget how important science and discovery is to mankind, and how noble and rewarding that kind of work can be. It seems that science students are in University for all the right reasons; primarily to learn.

Many (not all) business students on the other hand are like clones. Each one thinks that he/she will be the next Trump, but in reality most of you will end up in some regular position making not so great of a salary. The ones who are truly gifted business people will be successful whether or not they attend University.

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i agree totally, forwarding science is very important but it requires alot of schooling and usually a PHD to get in a position where you would be doing that type of thing.
Many of my friend in univeristy dont seem to realise that for a scientist the BSc is intended primarily as a stepping stone to a masters or PHD.

as far as business admin goes,the accountants and finance majors do ok. But people in marketing and managment seem to have delusions.

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Study business becuase that´s where the money is. No one ever makes money working for someone else. Self-employment is the key. Go take a few entrepreneurship courses, and you´ll be just fine.


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