Queen's pwns UofT!

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Subject: Queen's pwns UofT!
It IS a fact.
Just get used to it.
No more debate as a FACT is A FACT!

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Fact is based on evidence. You have no evidence to back your claim but wishful thinking.

You inflate the value of your Queen´s degree, and your own sense of self inportance. You are useless in the real world. You´re fired!!!

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Consulting Engineering
1. Waterloo B
2. Guelph
3. Queens

Engineering Communications
1. Lakehead
2. Waterloo B
3. Waterloo A

Entrepreneurial Design
1. Toronto
2. Lakehead
3. Ryerson

Parliamentary Debate
1. Toronto
2. Carleton
3. Waterloo B
3. McMaster

Junior Team Design
1. McMaster
2. Toronto

Senior Team Design
1. Carleton
2. Windsor
3. Lakehead


Queen´s is full of bullshit and hype. UofT ate you alive in the Ontario Engineering Competition. Just count up those awards:

Waterloo: 4 awards
Toronto: 3 awards
Lakehead : 3 awards
Carleton: 2 awards

Just where is Queen´s? Yes Queensies, you´re special because of your Queen´s degree. Just keep telling yourself that you are as good as UofT. The reality is, even lowly ranked Carleton walked all over your ass.

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Queens is bs just like kingston
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Queen´s is nothing.

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