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Question every angle. Study every angle. Research every angle. Welcome to the interdisciplinary university. At York, we break down traditional boundaries and bring together thinkers from every discipline to tackle real world issues. The result is a unique approach to research and innovation. The same philosophy travels beyond interdisciplinary programs and allows students to combine majors in completely different fields.

York University is Canada?s third largest university, world-renowned for producing graduates who achieve groundbreaking success. Our students, some of the best and brightest from Canada and abroad, forge their own unique paths to success. York?s faculty, celebrated for teaching excellence and recognized through national and international awards, expand the horizons of our students, providing them with a broad perspective of the world that opens up new ways of thinking and seeing things. And York is one of the most sought after research and innovation centres, because we deliver real-world solutions by bringing an innovative, collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to research challenges.

York offers full and part-time graduate and undergraduate degree programs to almost 50,000 students through 10 faculties. Osgoode Hall Law School, Canada?s largest, and one of the oldest, is among the most respected. Schulich School of Business is ranked among the top business schools in the world. York?s Faculty of Arts is the largest in Canada. In the Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies all professional studies have a liberal arts component, and liberal arts students can complement their degree with professional studies courses and certificates. Glendon College offers bilingual education. York?s Faculty of Education offers its students more teaching experience than any other education program in Ontario. The Faculty of Environmental Studies is known to offer the best individualized, interdisciplinary masters program in the world. The only faculty of fine arts in Ontario, York Fine Arts provides rigorous studio training balanced with in-depth academic study. York?s Faculty of Science and Engineering is one of Canada?s leading teaching and research institutions, taking part in the pioneering 2007 NASA Phoenix Mission to Mars.

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LOL.. what a joke.
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^ You are a joke!

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