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Subject: Overall Prestige of Universities
What do you guys think about the overall prestige of Canadian universities? From an international student´s point of view, my top 5 are:

1. McGill, 2. Toronto, 3. UBC, 4. Queens, 5. Western

I don´t know the least prestigious ones since I am not a Canadian.

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my top 5 are:

1. McGill, 2. Lakehead, 3. Brock, 4. York, 5. Western

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1. McGill (by far!)

- Highest percentage of out of province students (50%)

- Highest percentage of internatonal students (20%)

- Most number of American students (approx. 2,000 +)

- Most productive researchers in Canada on a per captia basis (Infosource)

- Good diversity of students (not too white and not too Asian)

- No stupid satelite campuses which lower admission standards (eg. Toronto, UBC)

- Not too large (under 30,000 students)

- People recognize the school´s brand "McGill" as opposed to being named after a city or province (eg. Toronto, UBC, Alberta, etc.).

- Highest percentage of graduate students: 20% (Most other schools only have 10% or less of their student body as grad students.)

- School spirit (not as fun as Western or Queens, but still not a boring school like U of T and UBC)

- All faculties are highly regarded or at least quite good
{not a one faculty school like Waterloo (Engineering), Guelph (Agriculture), Concordia (Business), York (Fine Arts), etc.}

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Wow, such a nice response...

Yeah, I do agree that McGill is the most prestigious uni. in Canada. UofT and others are not even close in prestige. Academically, yeah, UofT is great, but in terms of prestige, it is not even close to McGill.

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1. McGill
2. UofT
3. UBC

McGill´s OLD reputation is slowly disappearing, while UofT and UBCs reputations are gaining.

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Wherever you end up, McGill or UofT, the sense of prestige will dissipate by the end of the fall semester. I guarantee it. Enjoy your inflated sense of self-worth for now while it lasts.
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Most prestigious university of Canada is McGill for sure. However, academically, McGill and UofT are together best.

Prestigewise: 1. McGill , by far
Academically: 1. McGill & UofT

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The term "prestige" in Latin (pr?stigum) originally meant a delusion or magician´s trick. Strange, isn´t it.

Newer universities like Lakehead and Brock don´t have much prestige. It will take many years, perhaps decades before they will achieve the same brand-name recognition as a McGill or Toronto. But that does not mean the quality of an undergraduate education at these newer universites is any less. Lakehead graduates who earned master´s and PhD´s from Harvard, MIT and Oxford are a testament of the high quality education they receive while at Lakehead. Brock graduates have the highest employment rates of all Ontario universities at 96.5 per cent.

Much of the prestige attributed to a university is formed from the research activities in its graduate school as other posters have pointed out. That research is substantially performed by graduate students who completed their undergraduate education from other universities elsewhere. It´s the high quality education received in these other schools that make possible the research and the associated prestige for institutions like McGill and Toronto.

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couldnt have said it better

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I am from Europe, and believe me noone knows any Canadian university other than McGill. And even McgILL is not as well known as most of the American Ivies.
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While McGill is prestigeous I have to say that Queen´s is without a doubt the best university in Canada. One cannot escape the ever present pride and sense of history that eminates across the picturesque campus. Student housing next to the campus only increases the sense of community that one automatically feels upon being admitted to such an honorable university. With prestige, school spirit, sense of community, academics and not to mention partying options, Queen´s offers students what will be the best years of their lives.

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