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Subject: York University's Reputation
I am a foreign student and I wonder why York University has such a bad reputation even it has so many prestigious schools and programs. I heard that its law school, business school and fine arts are among the best in the world. Moreover, the space science, sociology, philosophy, political science and women´s studies programs are also one of the best in the country.

Please tell me why you people degraded and disrespect this school so much.

Serious reply please. No trolls, thanks.

P.S. Why don´t ppl disrespect Carleton, Windsor, Ryerson, Concordia, SFU or Victoria?

Serious reply pls
Older Medical Schools vs. the Others (in reply to: York University's Reputation)
York has some good faculties/departments, but the school has a "relatively" low admission standard for many of its programs, that is why is ranks low in the annual Macleans rankings and suffers from a mediocre reputation.

York can easily reduce its 40,000 + student body down to a 25,000 by raising its admission standards, but like most public universities in Canada, the more students the university admits, the more money it can make.

In Canada, most univerisities are quite equal in quality, simply because all Canadian universities are publicly funded by Canadian taxpayers, so the differences between most of them is very little.

The main difference comes from 1- government sponsored research funding and 2- private donations, and only the older "medical" research intensive schools such as U of T, McGill, UBC, Alberta, Queens, Western, and U of Montreal are able to attract larger funds than the younger medical and non-medical schools.

Those schools I mentioned above have the older, larger and wealthier alumni network that gives them a competitive advantage.

This explains the differences in prestige between Canadian universities. The only exception to the rule is Waterloo.

"Waterloo Co-op" grads are more prepared for the workforce than the others because Waterloo grads already have up to 2 years work experience before they graduate.

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it´s true that there isn´t a very big difference between canadian univrsities, but this is only on the undergrad level where all programs are pretty much the same in quality. the big differences come on the grad level.
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thread started by york student.
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People make fun of York more than others like Ryerson, Carleton, Windsor, etc. because York is more popular. It attracts more attention.

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People make fun because York has a more liberal admission policy and competes effectively for students in the Toronto area. Jealous kids from competing schools like to mock it with sayings like "if you can hold a fork, you can go to York"

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Low Cut-off Averages

The academic average (cut-off) required for admission varies. For Fall 2004, Faculty cut-offs were in the following ranges:

Arts - most programs, mid 70s
Criminology - low 80s
Atkinson - most programs, mid 70s
Administrative Studies - high 70s
Environmental Studies - mid 70s
Fine Arts - mid 70s to mid 80s
Glendon - mid 70s
Schulich - high 80s to low 90s
Science - most programs, mid 70s
Engineering - high 70s to low 80s

Source: http://www.yorku.ca/web/futurestudents/requirements/hs_ont.html

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York does have a lower cut-off than U of T...but i´m a third year Information Technology student there and i can tell you that all of the rejects are pretty much "weeded" out 1st and 2nd year or they drop out because they can´t handle the material. most of my IT classes have 20-30 students MAX.
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^ are you the guy who can´t find a summer job?
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^ Yes, still searching but with no luck at all. The employers just shut their doors if they know I go to York.
York (in reply to: York University's Reputation)
York only has a bad reputation because it is relatively new, it is in one of the worst parts of Toronto--Jane and Finch--and it has low admissions. However, there are many great aspects of York including shulick, osgood and Glendon. ALthough everyone forgets about it, Glendon is the only campus that is fully bilingual in Canada.That alone, along with it´s prestigous international studies and political science programs make it a viable force to York. uofOttawa is close, but it doesn´t compete.
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This doesn´t sound too bad:



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