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Subject: Just Graduated from York University
Yesterday was a very nice shiny day, in my life and outside. I have finally graduated from York University. After five years I got my Bachelor of Arts in Economics. The diploma looks really cheap, I don´t know why but hey it doesn´t really matter how it looks what it does matter is what I know.

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Congratulations Lee, I know how you feel.
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who cares diploma is piece of paper - what really matters is your knowledge. Congrat.
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Please, please don´t go to York if you have recieved an offer of admission from U of T . Trust me .
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Go to York!
It is a great university and a great atmosphere to be around. I graduated last year with a BA in Sociology and I will continue to hold York in my heart.

By the way, I am currently applying to do my MBA.

Looking at Ivey(UWO), Schulich(York), Stern(NYU) and Rotman(uOfT).

Really hope I get back into to my alma mater!

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am Patrick, 20 living in the Kenyan capital Nairobi.
There is a simple humble request I want to pass, so I beg for your patience to read this to the end.
I graduated from high school in 2004 with excellent results in my National exam.
I am in college pursuing a course in Oracle database management. I am finishing my course in March.
I intend to pursue a degree in Software engineering in York university
But I am unfortunate to have been born in a family with strong financial setbacks. In that my family and siblings cannot afford the fee for my intended education.
But this does not smoother my dream. I want to learn and get to help my siblings, to one day return all the sacrifices my dear mother has made to see me this far.
This is the reason why I am writing to you. Figure this: One day in your life buddy, somebody helped you.It is why you you are in the situation you are now. We are all born in various castes in life: And Either born peasant or president, beggar or billionaire, living in a castle or caravan-You didn´t choose.
Neither did I then choose to born of parents who can´t afford my University fee.
This is when I sat down and thought of this idea of getting together all friends, relatives and any Kenyans living abroad to come together and help me raise this tuition fee.
If all around me, all willing and able people came forward and contributed the little they can, sure tomorrow I´d be somewhere far, somewhere different, Somewhere better.
Consider, you were here at some point, sometime in your life, and all I am asking you is to Give me a chance, too.
I know out there there is an able person, a willing heart wanting to help. I will provide all references and anything of the like you feel you desire.
Please email me personally: littledoggfather@yahoo.com
or click here to view a full page @: http://www.geocities.com/littledoggfather/patswald
Thanks In advance.


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