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Subject: Concordia vs Guelph (Prestige =Medical/Science $$)
If you study the Macleans rankings Guelph is usually ranked first, second, or third in the comprehensive category, while Concordia suffers in the rankings becuase Maclean´s unfairly allocates 16% of the total score on reputational surveys.

Those reputional surveys are obviously going to have regional biases, especially when more than half of those surveyed are academics. It´s common sense that an English speaking guidance counsellor or academic in Toronto will think of Guelph or any other southern Ontario university first before he/she names Concordia (from French-speaking Quebec).

Macean´s National Reputation Ranking: Concordia #26 Guelph #8

Just as a comparison using Maclean´s stats, you can see that Concordia is severely underrated by Macleans.

Average Entering Grade: Concordia 82.4% Guelph 83%

Out of province (%): Concordia 21.3% Guelph 2.9%

Int´l undergrad (%): Concordia 11.9% Guelph 1.9%

Int´l graduate (%): Concordia 22.5% Guelph 21.1%

Based on this criteria, most people would think Concordia is much more attractive to potential students in Canada and from abroad as compared to Guelph.

I can only conclude that Guelph´s medical/science grants is greater than Concordia´s. Guelph´s $70 Million vs Concordia´s $37 Million

Although Concordia´s social science /humanites grants is greater than Guelph´s. Concordia ($12 Million) to Geulph ($7 Million).


The medical/science research $$$ = university prestige level

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go with concordia.........guelph = farmer college
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guelph kills concordia.
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i´d rather choose ryerson these two
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Acutally Concordia´s stats for % of out of province students and % international ugrad & grad students is greater than U of T, UBC, Western, Queens, and Waterloo.

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The 16% allocation to the reputation survey is excessive and would skew the overall scores due to statistical bias. The survey´s response rate is very low, something like less than 15%. With such low response rate, I can´t see the results as anything but take it with a big grain of salt.

The biggest issue with surveys with low response rates is that those who choose to respond usually have stong opinions and are motivated to influence the results. Survey results with low response rates generally do not accurately represent the opinions of the population to which the surveys were originally sent.

These reputations get entrenched by Maclean´s over time and the low ranked schools have to allocate serious resources (big $$$) to boost their poor reputation by advertising and other means. The sad fact is, for every dollar Concordia has to spend on battling its reputation woes, it´s money taken away from their students´ real educational needs. That´s unfair to the Concordia and it´s unfair to the students.


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