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Subject: G10 Universities
Best Ontario Universities, & Perhaps Canada.

1st. University of Toronto
2nd. Queen´s University
3rd. University of Western Ontario
4th. McMaster University
5th. University of Waterloo

All Are On The G10 - Research Intensive Universities

Other Members Are:

McGill University
University of Montreal
Laval University
University of British Columbia
University of Alberta

Lakehead... Eat Shit, Don´t Even Compare Yourself, You´re Just Making A Fool Out Of Your University. It´s Already In Crap Condition, Don´t Make It Worst For Yourself.

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western ahead of queen´s
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hmmm wonder where lakehead is on this list?
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How does lakehead beating Waterloo in the OEC translate to Lakehead being made a fool of?

Waterloo has more students and more money, so the odds were in your favor.

Waterloo engineering has 5100 students.
Lakehead engineering has about 600 students.

I know the fact that you lost to us is eating you up inside and all, but dont be so petty.

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^ lakehead sucks. get that through your dumb lakehead head.

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