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Subject: Waterloo Emperor is Naked
The swindler tells the Waterloo Emperor, in confidence, the new clothes for him are made from the finest materials with design of MIT equivalent quality. The wearing of such clothes would give him special capabilities over all engineers in Canada. The swindler manages to convince the emperor that the clothes are invisible but only to those who are either too stupid or totally unworthy. Of course, the clothes are fake but the emperor does not yet know it.

Among those close to the emperor, including the emperor himself, not one dared to admit they could not see their emperor´s new clothes, even though the clothes were invisible to all. They carried on pretending to themselves and their emperor that the clothes were indeed very fine and beautiful with colors and patterns befitting of the best in the land. No one, including the emperor could really see the clothes but they carried on pretending anyway. To NOT see the clothes in their full splendor would be an admission of ones´s own stupidity and unworthiness of their own positions.

One day while parading his new clothes before the millions of loyal subjects who have gathered at the Waterloo castle, a lone voice from the huge crowd uttered: The emperor is not wearig any clothes!!!

The voice was that of a little child from nearby Lakehead village. Moments later, another voice shouted: THE EMPEROR IS NAKED. Again, another voice followed. And soon, everyone but the emperor were engulfed in laughter.

The Waterloo Emperor, knowing the clothes he wears are truly invisible, retreats back into his castle.

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Yeah that pretty much sums it up
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Great paroday.

For all the "Waterloo=Canada´s MIT" talk we heard from the Waterloo camp over the past decade, maybe they´ll tone it down now just a little as they learn from the humbling experience.

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Oops, that should have read "parody".

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