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Subject: U of T Engineering Vs Waterloo Engineering
Which university is better for engineering?
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they´re both the same academically man. you want overall enrichment, go to UofT, it does give u a wider range of what you can do,besides,what engineering you in? In fact, UofT is known internationally compared to UW, mainly because its big and has nobel prized profs there. Also because it does alot of research, which again,explains my point of overall enrichment.

But if you want experience, go UW. They are more application orientated, and definitely tries to get you to feel what you´re basically gonna do. Plus, you earn money, which saves costs and all, but thats not the point, it´s the work experience (co-op) that really makes the diff, no where can you find a co-op as good as Waterloo. Yeah, Toronto does offer the PEY, but thats only in 1 company. With waterloo, you have 6 work terms, it definitely helps when you work in diff companies, it makes ur resume look pretty nice after you graduate doesn´t it? In fact,economically, waterloo IS cheaper, and less distraction, hehe, you don´t get as distracted if you were in Toronto huh? Well, I would definitely say UofT and Waterloo are equally the same, but I think UW does produce engineers that are equally good as UofT, and maybe even better. Seems to me, Toronto is losing out slightly against Waterloo in engineering competitions, Formula SAE and whatever. Well, it boils down to personal preference, which do you prefer? I chose Waterloo..=). You wont go wrong with whichever university you choose.

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