Read this and you'll know how great York is!!

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Subject: Read this and you'll know how great York is!!
York University has eleven faculties, one of them--the Faculty of Health--was recently initiated on 1 July, 2006. This new faculty houses the School of Health Policy & Management, School of Kinesiology and Health Science, School of Nursing, and the Department of Psychology. Several of these faculties´ programs overlap. The Faculties of Arts, Science & Engineering, Liberal & Professional Studies (Atkinson), and Glendon College, for instance, each house separate mathematics departments. The Schulich School of Business, which figures in a number of MBA rankings, offers an International Business Administration program which is the first of its kind in Canada, while the Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies´ School of Administrative Studies is the largest business undergraduate program in Canada.

Other faculties are unique, such as the Faculty of Environmental Studies. Its interdisciplinary pedagogy views the environment not just as "natural," but also built, organizational, spatial, socioeconomic, political and cultural. It thus brings together social scientists and scientists, activists and scholars, writers and artists. It is well known for its 2-year Master´s degree, one of the largest and most respected in Canada and around the world.

Steps have been undertaken to begin to unify departments in separate faculties, and in some areas these overlaps have in fact contributed to York´s efforts to brand itself as a university focused on interdisciplinarity. York University´s Faculty of Graduate Studies is Ontario´s second largest graduate school offering graduate degrees in a variety of disciplines, such as psychology, which is the largest in Canada. There are several joint graduate programs with the University of Toronto and Ryerson University. The university has also been traditionally strong in arts and social sciences: York´s Faculty of Arts is the largest in Canada and the school has the greatest number of humanists and social scientists in Canada. The political science department, a leading centre for the study of radical political economy, has been singled out in Maclean´s annual ranking of universities. Its history department is especially strong in Canadian history. The School of Women´s Studies at York University is one of the oldest of its kind and offers the largest array of courses in this field in the country, some of which are offered in French. The Canadian Centre for Germanic and European Studiesis co-housed at York University and Universit? de Montr?al. The Centre was awarded to York University and Universit? de Montr?al by the German Academic Exchange Service.

The Faculty of Fine Arts offers programs such as ethnomusicology and a degree in cultural criticism referred to as "cultural studies"; York´s joint Bachelor of Design program with Sheridan College is the first and largest such joint program in the province of Ontario. York´s Faculty of Education is distinguished by the unusual amount of teaching experience that students acquire. The prestigious Osgoode Hall Law School is Canada´s largest and among its oldest, having moved from a downtown location to the York campus in 1969 following the requirement that every law school affiliate with a university.

While engineering is new to York University, the school has long been involved in certain niche areas related to engineering within its Faculty of Science, now Faculty of Science & Engineering. Space projects are a particular strength, and York offers both a unique Space & Communication Sciences undergraduate degree and a pair of small telescopes on campus to help support it. York?s Centre for Vision Research, for example, has developed a ?virtual reality room? called IVY (Immersive Virtual Environment at York) in order to study spatial orientation and perception of gravity and motion. The Canadian Space Agency and National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI) use this research to strengthen astronauts? sense of ?up? and ?down? in zero-gravity environments; the room, a rare six-sided immersive environment in Canada, is made of the glass used in the CN Tower?s observation deck and includes walls, ceiling, and a floor comprised of computer-generated pixel maps.

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are we supposed to be impressed?
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.... York´s engineering programs are unacreditted
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YAWN! I was more impressed of how boring this post is rather than York.

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