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Subject: U of T engineering vs. U of Waterloo engineering
I got offers from both U of T mechanical and U of Waterloo mechanical. I asked variety of people and still I can´t decide. I want to go to university where I can be successful in real life

Which university is better?

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Hey man.

Don´t worry, you´re not the only one having the problem. I had the exact same problem and it was hell choosing between them. And then I listed the pros and cons of each university and thought what the university would do for me.

Well, we all know that UoT and UW are academically the SAME. However there are differences between them. Firstly, UoT is more internationally recognized, ranked 37 in the Times Higher Education and well, they do tons of research don´t they? In fact, they have the PEY program too, which is similar to the co-op in UW. They are very research-led and being such a big university by itself, it has alot of options, what I mean is, it has the mechatronic options, biomedical options, aerospace and all those, which UW does not have. Thus, you can say that if you want overall enrichment, where you get broader base of knowledge, go UoT.

Now, UW however, is unique in it´s own way. So what if UoT does have the PEY program, you must note that other universities (even around the world) offer these type of study work study thing. Yet UW´s co-op is entirely different, they do a 4 month study 4 month work kind of rotation, and yes it may be disruptive moving your ass here and there all the time, but the experience you get is invaluable. Having 6 work terms, you can choose to work in 6 different companies (provided the companies want you). This definitely has an overall advantage when it comes to work experience compared to UoT because you´re basically doing more of the application orientated type of work. Where you apply what you learn, immediately. And don´t forget, UW does produce top class engineers, based on recent results, UW engineers are winning more engineering competitions compared to UoT ( engineer vs engineer ).

But what you should be really looking at since you chose the mechanical engineering program like I did is look at the Formula SAE competition. Man, they got 4th. And this year they´re taking part in the Formula Student, and let´s see what they get since this is the first time that they are actually taking part. Every damn mech engineer knows how famous the Formula Student competition is (UoT got second last year,UW didn´t take part ). Anyway, these are just a few indicators to show what kind of engineers UW produces since they are more closely knit and so on. However, don´t use it as a comparison between UW and UoT, nobody uses competitions to compare the universities.

Anyway, it actually all boils down to you man. You won´t go wrong with either universities. Pick the one you like most, that´s what I´d go for. Some say research=quality but don´t think that way, so what if the university does loads of research, if you don´t feel part of the university, the university is benefiting from your money, rather than you benefiting yourself right? Just choose one that gives you an overall growth in personal development and so on. I for one, chose Waterloo. Overall enrichment, research opportunities-go UoT. Work experience, knowledge application- go UW,plus you get big bucks.

And to say which university will help you obtain a more successful career is just plain wrong. If you´re a lousy engineer going to a good university, you´ll never be successful. Since Waterloo and Toronto are both academically the same, they have their own styles of producing top class engineers, it just depends which you prefer. Oh, and before I forget, I hear Waterloo smells bad, theres nothing to do there. Boring boring. But then again, less distraction don´t you think? If you´re going UW, definitely wanna know you man.

Engineer wannabe
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I agree about the research aspect of UT, but I think undergraduate study should be focused in developing the necessary foundations for students so they can be more sucessful later.

The research aspect I think is not such a influential factor since most universities use graduate students in important researcgh topics. Going to Waterloo doesn´t mean it doesn´t have research or enrichment, since you can always go to a more research intensive school for grad school, i.e MIT or Caltech. That´s what most engineering students do anyways.

Of course, the ultimate choice is still mostly determined by your personal preference

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it´s definately easier to get into UofT, the acceptance rate is 90% , anyone can get in

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