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Subject: U of T vs. Waterloo
This´s probably one of the toughest and most crucial decisions of my life and I want it to be perfect like everyone does. I got into all unis I applied for, including U of T, Waterloo and McGill. I got into Mechatronics engineering @ Waterloo which gives me a Bachelors in Applied science in Mechatronics. However U of T gives me Bachelor Applied Science in mechanical engineering, mechatronics option. Now I know for a fact that I am very research oriented... but money matters too. Waterloo coop- I´m guaranteed Money and support. If I go to U of T, I´ll have more options but not a guarantee in terms of Jobs I beleive. haha now it all boils down to... which Uni do I go to?
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r u a undergrad? if so, u dont need to worry much about doing researches. u dont normally do research until you get to grad school. Also do you want to be a P.Eng in the furture? if so , it might be wise to check if the degrees are actually accredited by the PEO.
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he´s right....undergrads dont do much research..they can help out during summer, but they dont take part heavily in research. co-op is good btw...very very good. I chose waterloo over toronto.=).the choice is up to u man, u wont go wrong with both unis,they r equally good. good luck

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And 1 more thing, yes,both UW and UofT gets u a prof.engineer at the end of the day. But UW gets u there faster, unless you´re gonna work in the PEY in UofT and work ur ass off every summer. But then again, UW has no summer right?but u earn big bucks..lol
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Which one is cheaper? If it cost less, then you don´t have to find a really well paid job.
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