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Subject: Help!!!
I am currently in a strangly indecisive state right now. I need help desparately. Got into the following programs, any pros and cons on the schools and programs would be a great help and I would be greatly in your debt. I´ve been racking my brain over this for a month.

Programs are:
Laurier Business Administration (not that fond of the school)
Waterloo AFM (Never took accounting)
Queens Arts and Sciences
Western Administration and Commercial Studies

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Look like you have more choice in business than others.

First of all, pick the program that you want to work for a job, don´t waste your time doing things that you don´t want to.

Then consider some other factors like money, location, reputation... of the University

Dat Phan
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Even if you´re not too fond of Laurier, Laurier´s Business Administration program is very highly respected.

As well, with Queen´s, can you specify which program exactly you got into?


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