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Subject: osap/osog question
osap is the student loan you have to pay back but what is osog. do you not have to pay that back. also what is the millenium/ontario acess grant.
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if your parent hold any kinf of job dont even think about getting osap
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OSAP has messed up guidelines for giving loans. If you live with your parents (or have within the last year) and they earn >$50K/yr together than they won´t give you much. But if your parents are divorced (even if they each earn $60k/yr) expect to get the full amount. I personally got screwed yet my friend from a (wealthy) broken home maxed out.

Millenium scholarships are designed for people whose families don´t earn much and don´t have the grades for scholarships (think B- average kid living at Jane/Finch). To qualify for that you just need to show "community leadership", like volunteer work or mucho school activities.

I don´t know about OSOG.

Worst case scenario, get a student loan from TD bank. They require a co-signer unless you´re in a professional program but they have low rates and give more than OSAP.

If you go to UofT you are guaranteed a loan or bursary, even if you don´t qualify for OSAP. It means a lot of paperwork though.



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