7100 new faces this fall @ York U

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Subject: 7100 new faces this fall @ York U
7100 new faces this fall

TORONTO, July 21, 2006 -- York University will meet its enrolment targets for new admissions for the 2006-2007 academic year. As planned, the first-year class will be smaller this fall than in the previous year because of two main factors. The University is experiencing a higher student retention rate flowing through each year and York is planning significant increases in its graduate programs over the next few years to accommodate the large number of students who first entered university in the double cohort year. As a result, the entering grades and overall qualifications of the students enrolling at York are up.

?We?ve increased our cut-off averages for almost every program by one to two percent and that is significant,? says Rob Tiffin, York vice-president students. ?York?s undergraduate enrolment this year is in line with its plan to slightly reduce and stabilize new undergraduate admissions while increasing graduate enrolment.?

?A phenomenon that is more pronounced this year is the higher than anticipated retention rate between the third and fourth years. The 2003 class, the first of the double cohort, has exceeded the University?s expectation for retention,? said Tiffin. As a result, he said, many of York?s faculties have rejigged courses to accommodate the higher numbers. ?All of York?s faculties are seeing positive numbers of returning students.?

The traditional model of a typical university student is also changing, said Tiffin. Many students are opting to go to school year-round. This year, summer course enrolments at York have surged in numbers as students work to fast-track their degrees or balance their course load with part-time work.

York Admin
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7,100 new mediocre students @ York U
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if you are not going for business at york, then you are a RETARD!!! york is only good for biz if you go for anything else it is not a good thing
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York is good for high maintenance girlfriends and metrosexuals who keep hair gel in their car.

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