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Subject: The Reality of Schulich MBA (real story)
Well I just looked through this thread and felt compelled to post. I actually did my MBA from York U a few years ago and gave up the opportunity to go to other schools. To tell you the truth, going to York for my MBA was one of the only regrets I have in my life.

I will say this - the education by itself was good. It wasn´t stellar, it wasn´t bad, it was good. Like any school, you have a mix of good, bad and average teachers. The strategy, finance and real estate profs were excellent.

The problem for me and probably 90% of my entire class (i remember standing in line at graduation which was supposed to be the happiest day, listening to everyone complain about how much they hated the school), was the administration which was useless, the quality of the foreign students, and two-tiered marking system by the teachers and general incompetence from a Dean who did not want the public to know of the seemingly endless number of problems.

Actually despite the published rankings, recruiters from big companies have a lot of bad things to say about York behind the scenes and a lot of that boils down to all of the foreign students they were letting in - they couldn´t speak English, AT ALL! There´s a reason the big companies as well as the US companies go a lot more to Ivey and to a less extent, Rotman. I´ve never seen a US company actively recruiting at Schulich. Every year it´s the same basket of companies recruiting at Schulich which is fine, but the number and scope of them is extremely limited (marketing and finance).

It was truly unbelievable. I could not believe I was at a "top-tier school" where 50% of the MBA student body could not write a sentence in English, not to mention how often they would blatantly cheat on tests with the teacher knowing, and the teachers would let them do it! I wish I were making this up........

I knew of several students who had written articles recommending room for improvement (isn´t that what businesses want to do - improve?), only to have the Dean call them into his office and yell at them, all the time, never remedying any of the problems. Problems included classrooms with broken chairs, tons of garbage everywhere, blatant cheating, allowing students well below minimal TOEFL scores, a lobby that wreaked of urine and mold growing all over the place not to mention no clocks in the classrooms. Don´t get me started on how many times the massive population of mainland Chinese students would approach me in group projects and say "sorry, we can´t read or write English well, can you do the project for us?". Don´t bother complaining to the prof, he´ll just tell you to suck it up.

Anyway, myself as well as a significant number had a bad experience. More like a nightmare, really. I have not even touched the tip of the iceberg on all of the injustices, BS, cheating etc. that went on at that school - i could write a book, literally. I know that they have built a knew building so the physical plant is nice and new for now, but don´t fool yourself with the published rankings. The stand alone education was good, but MBA is about much more than what goes on in the classroom, it´s about networking with other students, with company reps., enjoying your time, learning in a pleasant environment etc. I don´t care what the rankings say about Schulich, for most of us, it was a hell for those two years. Maybe the school is better now, but I don´t think changing a building solves all of the internal issues.

I lived the experience there and it was a nightmare. Truly.

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Did you and your graduating class find good jobs after completing the Schulich MBA?

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You don´t have to worry about the foreign students taking the good jobs if their English isn´t fluent.

The reason why Queens is consdiered the most prestigious in Ontario is becuase they admit very few of the "Fresh Off the Boat (FOB)" students.

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ur full of shit! rotman´s MBA student´s are almost all FOB´s from India. I know cuz my sister transferred from Rotman to Schulich. schulich has a joint program with NYU Stern and she will be travelling to New York for internship with GoldMan Sachs.
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^rotman mba students

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^ I am not a troll.

But no proof they are rotman students, right? They could be OISE students or whatever or Canadian-born too. Who knows?

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so basically...schulich sucks?

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i don´t believe you can get an MBA if you cannot write proper english. It´s not like engineering where it is more maths and science.
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Hi, I have been reading the discussion from a while , want some advice from my learned friends.
Are canadian degrees accepted world wide. I mean can i go to US and apply for a JOB with my canadian MBA. Also which are better institutes which allow me to find jobs world wide and not just Canada and how much expenditure can i expect. I mean total cost tution fee and others combined. A rough approx will be of great help.

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People who can´t help themselves with English can never even make it to Business schools, let alone passing courses there. This does not make any sense at all. Forget Schulich, I doubt if such students can even stay at a mediocre business school. Is he just pissed at Schulich for some other reason?
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It is my understanding that whoever wrote this piece studied in Schulich some time ago.
Things have changed for the better, especially the facilities.

I must say that for me, Schulich ?feels? like a way of the future. This feeling is everywhere. The main building is designed in a way that projects sustainability, freedom of thought, innovation and smart solutions. It is not about the old concepts of wealth, prosperity, domination and power. The diversity of Schulich is representative of the future demographics, the not-so-far-away future that is.

I cannot speak for the past but I can see why today the school is rated #1 in Canada. It is true that there are many international students, for whom English is a second language. However, this is to everyone´s benefit. Think about it.. An international student, especially from a third world country, must have gone through so much to get here. By definition, many of these people are success stories, unlike those born in Canada, who had it all along. These international students have much to offer, even though, the manner that they present their thoughts is often foreign to the Western mind.

In regards to the White Canadian folks. It is interesting, that the white Canadian guys, who are supposed to be the alpha males, are often dull and unimaginative. So, I am not really sure that Ivey and Queens offer better education. They simply lack diversity. I am a white guy myself and not a kind of person, who propagates equality and all this mambo-jumbo politically correct bull. But I must say that my experience shows that if you really want to do a good job, you will have to have a diverse group, even though it will take some time before your team works.

Mike Kot

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