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Two university degrees and still no real job?

I have received two Bachelor?s degrees from Ottawa in Economics and Computer Science & Math- concentration in IT. Unfortunately, I have only been able to mainly work in Security Services and on short government contracts for the past couple of years. It?s really disappointing. I keep looking for something in line with my education, experience, and career interests, but getting nowhere. I?m still optimistic though and I know for sure there has to be something more suitable for me out there. Any advice?

Anybody else in the same boat?

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Are you a member of a visible minority group?
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Yes, there is discrimination in Canada and the U.S.

Asians face the glass ceiling. It doesn´t matter what university you´ve graduated from when you have an Asian face and an Asian name.

Read this article:

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Pretty and presentable Asian females still get good and decent jobs in Canada. I am not kidding.

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That´s because the White male boss wants to bang them Asian babes. The Asian male is left with the shitty job or is forced to work in HK, Singapore, etc.

Asians will find a way to break the glass ceiling, but it´ll take some time.

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