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I was an international student at the University of Calgary. I had been an international student in two universities before I joined University of Calgary. The way this university guide students is completely different from the two universities I had attended my undergraduate and postgraduate study. In my former universities, Instructors never encourage students to read previous exam questions and answers. Even in my high school, the first and most important thing students do is reading reference books and text books. Students see exam papers simply to know how an exam is being prepared like instructions and methods of solving. At the University of Calgary students are instructed to read at least five years of exam papers and professors openly tell, you have to read an exam paper and my exam is not out of that questions. I was very surprised with such instructions by professors. Is this true for all universities of Canada?. In the University I studied, for most courses previous exam papers are not given to students. Even if it is given, the exam has nothing to do with the previous exams the professor gives to students. No professor copy a question from previous exams. I am so surprised by the education system in Canada. Please let me know if all students are obliged to study previous exam papers to prepare for their mid term and final examination.
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