UofT students = Obsessed to Child Pornograhy

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Subject: UofT students = Obsessed to Child Pornograhy
A third year engineering student Tony Crewe, 21, pleaded guilty last March to possession of child pornography and was in court Jan. 29 to face sentencing. He had downloaded 317 graphic images featuring children in sexual acts onto his university account.

Crewe was to have been sentenced earlier in the month, but Justice Mary Hogan said she needed more time to decide on an appropriate punishment. The Crown called for a 12 to 18 month jail term; Crewe´s attorney requested a conditional sentence to be served in the community.

While Justice Hogan chose to give Crewe a conditional sentence rather than a jail term, she accepted the condition made by Crown attorney Jon Ball that the defendant have no further contact with the friend who alerted police last December of files she found on her computer. The pornographic material on the files belonged to Crewe and his possession of them was against the law and a violation of his bail terms. Hogan also banned Crewe from computers unless for the purposes of education, business or personal correspondence. A third condition of his sentence was that he must avoid contact with children under the age of 12 unless another adult is present.

The decision made by Judge Hogan also includes a psychological reassessment of Crewe by a doctor and she said he must receive the "appropriate treatment immediately."

"I have to be concerned about the safety of children," the judge said in her closing comments.

The two prior assessments of Crewe, based on July interviews, found him to be a "normal, heterosexual male" who downloaded pornographic images out of curiosity. But at the sentencing, Judge Hogan said her observation of the defendant did not fit the reports. She said did not accept the defense argument that Crewe viewed child pornography and downloaded "a small amount" of images out of curiosity.

"Three hundred and seventeen is not a small amount," she said.

Ball said after the proceedings that the Crown may appeal the sentence.

"[Judge Hogan] thought hard about it," he said. "The Crown has 30 days to appeal the sentence. We´re going to consider it."

Crewe, whose lawyer advised him and his father not to comment on the case, was arrested last year after an employee at U of T´s Engineering Computer Facilities found unusual files in the student´s account and alerted campus police.

The 12-month conditional sentence is to be followed by one year of probation.

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what a low blow!
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not that i dont find it sick and all... but they have no reason to think hes a sexual predator. sounds like a pretty harch punishment to me
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a 12 month senence is pretty steep for just looking at a picture. In Canada you can commit murder and e out in 12 years


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