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Subject: Western
I´ve just been browsing this forum and apparently it´s not very popular here... but everywhere else I´ve been looking has had nothing but good things to say about it. I´m not saying that Western is the best, but maybe it deserves more credit than you guys are giving...

I´m just curious though, does anyone have any sources that I can see that also say only bad things about Western? I´m heading there next year, and I´d just like to straighten things out before it´s absolutely too late.

Thanks a lot!

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like most canadian universities, western is a good school. But the main thing about western that gives it is bad rep is its students and faculty. the profs are all pretty poorly rated and are not that respected by stydents. go to ratemyprofs.ca
also, the students that go there are not that worldly and smart especially in the arts programs. the town of london is great for partying though and the western campus is the nicest in canada. you just need to decide on what you want.

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Actually, Western students are now among the highest in Canada. They tend to be from wealthy Toronto families, and since many don´t have to work, they have time for an avid social life as well. Problem is Western isn´t really known for anything except business
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But this doesn´t mean that Western doesn´t have good programs in other areas
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Thanks a lot for all the replies!

That´s what I figured. I know Western isn´t the best, but for undergrad (especially first year since it´ll be a new experience...) I wanna go someplace that I´ll have fun and still get a somewhat good education.

Thank you very much everyone.


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