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Subject: U of T's Most Famous Graduate is...
unknown in Canada, but well-known in China. Ask anyone of the 1.3 billion Chinese in China who is "Dashan" and they will know who your referring to.

Dashan, the tall white-Canadian whom the Chinese say is the first foreigner that can speak Chinese better than most Chinese.

Here is Dashan´s webstie:


It´s sad that Asians look up to white people. Why is it that Asians or non-white people whom come to Canada/America are never paid the big bucks for being fluent in English, while a white person is paid extremely well for speaking an Asian language in Asia?

So what if a white-Canadian speaks fluent Chinese, but this "Dashan" dude makes at least $500,000 endorsing products in China. What the fuck is wrong with Asians?

U of T´s most famous graduate in the world is: Dashan.

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He´s a one of a kind show biz dude. Jackie Chan is probably well paid too for learning English.

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