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Hi, just to let all of you prospective international york university students, that york does not, and I repeat does not have a big reputation among Canadians. York is generally stereotyped as being second to U of T, and a last choice campus. Don´t get me wrong its a nice University an all, especially with shulich, but its from the uptopia that you internationals make it out to be.

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From the spelling and grammar of the previous poster, I can?t believe that?s the truth ! !
Not the truth
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Stop bashing York just cause you didn´t get into it.
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Yes, York is a very bad school and full of rapists !
But it has 50,000 students and almost 10000 faculty, teaching and administrative staff. These people are in highly endangerous position just like they were now in Iraq.

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You guys are out of your minds.


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