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Subject: University terminology
I am commenting on University terminologies all over the world. So far I attended study and training programmes in four Internationalized Universities. All of them are American affilated Universities. I had one concern. Terminologies used in the University are being repeated. I was expecting more new terminologies in Canadian Universities. That is not the case. It seems the terms are universal. It may be good to give orientation for international students about university language as long as it is English. International students are also worried about new atmosphere. They fear about what they will face. It does not matter how long they studied. I had one bad experience in Canada. I respect abberviation and I always take the first word for abberviation. If I have to abberviate United Kingdom I use UK. This is a known fact. However, I heard University of Ottawa is named as Ottawa U. I heard it from students in the university. I had no problem with that. But my problem is when a newcomer feels that this is new to him or her, it will result in different interpretation and the newly arrived student will face confusion. I may abberivate University of Ottawa as ´UO´ by taking the first letters. When we hear new names uncommon in the language, we think that our English has problem. We gona start to say the whole university terminology is changed. It took me someime to believe Canadian Universities use same terminology like other international Universities after I arrived in the country. Eventually, I found that Canada is also following the same terminology like other international universities. I got this by myself. Actually, I know it before I came to Canada that terminologies can be similar at least from University brochure. I am simply commenting the fact that there is a need to provide information for international students about Universities in Canada up on their arrival. Then the student will focus on his or her specific study instead of giving much attention for university language as if it is new. To wrap it up I found that University terminologies are the same throughout the world if it is in English. But I do comment Universities should give a feedback for internatinal students in order that the students will realize the University they are registered is not different from the university they studied before. In this way we can lessen the burden on international students as they have many things to accomplish relative to native students.
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