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Subject: Emerging York University Forum
This is a great site!
I will continue to browse through it always.

Just wanted to let all of you potential and current york students of a new forum i just opened. I am adding important information and events slowly. I made this so that York students can discuss issues outside of WebCT and outside the classroom in the comfort of their own home.


Feel free to ask any questions or voice your concerns. With your help this new forum will help people answer their questions without having to wait hours on the phone (and anyone who goes to york will understand that)

Slowly Developing, but will be a strong community in the end.



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OH boy, but you want us to register????
I don´t think soooooooo.

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Yeah i want you to register, so that you can use a nickname of your choice instead of ´guest´. Most forums, except for this one, requires registration to post, it honestly takes only a minute.
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Karaoke Nights at Hoops Bar (in reply to: Emerging York University Forum)
Hoops Bar and grill across from york university has karoke on EVERY wednesday night - it´s a lot of fun and you get to sing & drink and be merry with your friends!

so hope to see you there some time!

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You can also visit www.univforum.com

There are quite a lot of York students there.

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I heard that WPT has free tournaments on Mondays at Hoops.
Does anyone know more about it?


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