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Subject: Biology Programs
I wanted to know what others opinions are on the best university to take a biology major.
UofT (in reply to: Biology Programs)

DR. Sadik Armati
(in reply to: Biology Programs)
Yap, UofT is probably your best choice for a Biology studies.
Bio Programs at uoft (in reply to: Biology Programs)
100% U of T.
They have probably the best Biology Program

Biology/zoology studies (in reply to: Biology Programs)
I live in Vancouver and am working on the prereq´s for starting a Bio degree. I´ve noticed these last listings about U of T being the best place to study bio, but I´m from Ontario and would rather not live there again! Can anyone tell me of other great schools, you think, that offer bio/zoology programs in Canada?


ubc bio (in reply to: Biology Programs)
how is the biology program at UBC?
UBC for Bio Major (in reply to: Biology Programs)
Yeah, I would also like to know if UBC is good for biology

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