University of Toronto has been ranked No.1 or 18??

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Subject: University of Toronto has been ranked No.1 or 18??
Newsweek ranks U of T No. 18 in the world
Perspective on rankings unchanged, says President Naylor
Aug 16/06
by Elaine Smith

The University of Toronto has been ranked No. 18 in Newsweek?s list of the Top 100 Global Universities, the highest-ranked Canadian university on the list. The University of British Columbia ranked No. 31 and McGill ranked No. 42.

The rankings were published Aug. 13 in the international edition of the magazine. By happenstance, the publication coincided with the release of a decision by U of T and 10 other Canadian institutions to bow out of the annual Maclean?s university rankings.

The Newsweek results differ somewhat from those of two other international ranking exercises. In the Academic Rankings of World Universities -- 2005, compiled by the Institute of Higher Education at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, U of T was the top-ranked Canadian institution at 24th on a list of top 500 universities. The Times Higher Education Supplement ranked U of T second among Canadian institutions and 29th in its 2005 World University Rankings list.

?All these ranks are based on some overall scoring system and the score achieved by an institution, in turn, comes down to two things: performance on the specific indicators used and the weight given to each indicator. That?s why different ranking systems generally lead to different results,? said U of T president David Naylor.

The Newsweek rankings were based on a variety of existing measures. Fifty per cent of the score came from equal parts of three measures used by the Shanghai Jiatong University ranking: the number of highly cited researchers in various academic fields, the number of articles published in Nature and Science and the number of articles listed in the ISI Social Sciences and Arts & Humanities indices. Another 40 per cent of the score came from equal parts of four measures used by the Times Higher Education Supplement ranking: the percentage of international faculty, the percentage of international students, citations per faculty member (using ISI data) and the ratio of faculty to students. The final 10 per cent came from library holdings (number of volumes).

?I suppose a high Newsweek ranking might raise general awareness about U of T among prospective students from the U.S., but ultimately no aggregate score and single-number ranking says much about a university?s real strengths and weaknesses,? Naylor said. ?That?s why at the University of Toronto, we?ll keep working to generate and share information about diverse academic and non-academic features of the institution so that students and their families can make well-informed choices.?

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number one in canada, 18 worldwide...

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